I am a Post-Doctoral Fellow in Economics at the University of Mannheim, funded by the Collaborative Research Center TR 224 "Economic Perspectives on Societal Challenges - Equality of Opportunity, Market Regulation, and Financial Stability" of the German Science Foundation (DFG).
My research focuses broadly on international economics and organizational economics. I am particularly interested in studying how firm behavior shapes economic performance.


DER SPIEGEL writes an article about my research on The Costs and Benefits of Home Office during the Covid-19 Pandemic, joint with Harald Fadinger.

I co-organized a workshop on Trade Policy and Firm Performance in the Global Economy on 13-14 June 2019 jointly with Harald Fadinger and Yanping Liu, sponsored by the Collaborative Research Center TR 224. See here for the program.

Working Papers

My Home is My Castle - The Benefits of Working from Home During a Pandemic Crisis: Evidence from Germany
with Jean-Victor Alipour and Harald Fadinger

Human Capitalists and the Global Division of Labor
Awarded the FIW International Economics Conference Best Paper Award 2019, Vienna
and the Walther-Rathenau Best Paper Award


The Costs and Benefits of Home Office during the Covid-19 Pandemic - Evidence from Infections and an Input-Output Model for Germany
with Harald Fadinger
[Abstract], [Media Coverage]
C.E.P.R. Covid Economics, forthcoming.

Foreign Competition and the Durability of U.S. Firm Investments
with Philippe Fromenteau and Jan Tscheke
[Abstract], [Media Coverage], [Working Paper Version]
RAND Journal of Economics, Vol. 50(3), p. 532-567, Fall 2019

Trade in Tasks and the Organization of Firms
with Dalia Marin and Alexander Tarasov
[Abstract], [Data and Code], [Media Coverage], [Working Paper Version]
European Economic Review, Vol. 107, p. 99-132, Aug. 2018

Globalization and the Evolution of Corporate Governance
[Abstract], [Data and Code] [Media Coverage], [Working Paper Version]
European Economic Review, Vol. 102, p. 39-61, Feb. 2018.

Democratization, Contracts and Comparative Advantage
with Felix Samy Soliman
[Abstract], [Working Paper Version]
Economics Letters, Vol. 173, p. 73-77, Dec. 2018.

Work in Progress

Trade Adjustment and Competition in the Eurozone
with Harald Fadinger

Capital (Mis)Allocation and Managers
with Alex Schramm and Alex Schwemmer
[Abstract], [Slides]


Firms in the Aggregate Economy
M.Sc. Economics, University of Mannheim

Organizational Economics
Undergraduate Economics, University of Mannheim

Topics in International Trade
M.Sc. Economics, University of Munich