Jan Simon Schymik

Summer 2017

Topics in International Trade (joint with Dalia Marin)
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This course covers topics of international trade theory at a graduate level and jointly taught with Dalia Marin.

Lecture slides and problem sets (materials are password protected; the password will be announced during the first lecture):


 Ricardian Models: Dornbusch-Fischer-Samuelson
 Ricardian Models: Eaton-Kortum
 Repetition: Dixit-Stiglitz Preferences
 Firm Heterogeneity: Melitz
 Trade and Endowments
 Trade in Tasks and Firm Organization

 Problem Set 1: Ricardian Models
 Problem Set 2: Melitz Model
 Problem Set 3: Heckscher-Ohlin Trade Theory
 Problem Set 4: Formal and Real Authority in Organizations